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Friday, June 24, 2011

Guest Post - To Change Or Stay The Same

I'm so excited to have my long-time blog friend The Girl In Oslo do this guest post for me! She was one of the very first people to follow and comment on my first blog, and she's taught me a lot about blogging as well. She runs one of the most interesting blogs around (in my opinion) and we're also doing a joint blogging project together. If you haven't visited her blog before, be sure to do that, you're in for a treat!

These are some of her thoughts and advice on what to do if you feel like you're stuck in a rut:)

Greetings from Oslo:)
For all of you that do not know me. I am a 32 year old female blogger from the gorgeous city of Oslo. 
This post was written at a coffee shop called Gamle Major @ Majorstuen inspiration can come in many forms, and at different times during the day.
When it comes you need to use it, and not let it slip through your fingers, TRUST ME!
You may not see it for a while....:)Not really GOOD creative energy....

No on to the real topic for this post:!

To change or stay the same?

Are you one of those people who never try anything new, but always stay on the same boring path?
My so called life...(I used to love that show)
You might have stayed on the same idea/topic for your life for far to long, and are in desperate need of a change?
The world is passing you by,and you have not even left the station...?
Does this sound familiar?

Let it go, and breath...I know just what you are feeling. 
I am right there with you, and it is something this girl for one really wants to do something about:)
My "problem" however have never been that I miss initiative or "issue" is the case of having to many balls in the air at the same time...
The problem is that I never get the chance to really feel what I want or listen to that inner voice that says ....breath...stop girl and breath:)

What is is that feels right for you?
I am a big YES girl, and do not say enough NO to the people around me. 
That is why "the girl in Oslo" a few days ago (as I was on my regular walk home from work)decided to say more yes to that inner voice, and my plan for summer will be: 

1. Start running more/join a running group, and in time start a photo course:)
I need to know more people with the same interests as myself...
The last thing (and I have already blogged about it) will be to join a reading circle. 
The first meeting is in September, and the read will be a book called "Blond".
Book review coming:)

Thank you Nanne for this chance to share my thoughts on your blog. 
Have a great day to everyone:)

 - The girl in Oslo -

Introducing Girl in Oslo


Why did you start your blog and what inspired you?
My blog started in March 2009. It started as a very little project but has changed, and grown a lot over time. From being just a little blog that was all over the place! I used to post about everything that was interesting...without any real plan.

It now has three main focuses: - Book reviews from authors...that contact me per mail/plus the books I read myself...- Music reviews, and my own photos from Oslo.- It is supposed to be a guide to Oslo...with a bit of a twist...Thats my business idea, and one day I will make money from it...

Why do I concentrate on these four things.. you may ask? The reason is that I truly believe the way to success is doing something you are REALLY good at. And these four things have always been a hobby on a small/large scale through my life.

As my followers/hits have increased I have become more and more concerned about quality posts/layout. Thats why this weekend I asked a friend for some advice on the an honest opinion, and from there changed everything.

Now here comes the personal reason why I blog...ready for it???? ITS FUN!:) haha :)

And I have found something that I am really good at, and the world of New Social Media is such an interesting world to me..You can build your entire business online using free marketing tools...The online world is so full of new ways to make money...that we have only seen top of the iceberg...And women are in the forefront!

The Girl in Oslo.

Thank you to Girl in Oslo.
THURSDAY, AUGUST 25, 2011I got a blog mention by Dj Myles.
Other mentions:

From The Naked Soul Radio Show -  DJ Myles.

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Hi All,
This is a first of a series of new categories for my blog.. There are some topics which do not relate directly to music that I’d like to write about and have been reluctant to do so … so far. So I’m taking the plunge here in the hope that you’ll find them interesting and that as these posts grow in number, they won’t seem out of place on the rest of my site.
One of my daily reads is a blog written by “The Girl In Oslo”. The blog features articles on life, inspiration, music and photography amongst other content. There is an artistic quality to the site which is strengthened by the fact that the Girl is incognito; you’re reading about someones life and experience without actually knowing their identity. Quite unusual and very intriguing.
In some way, I also personally feel a connection to the Geography … I spent a lot of time travelling to Nordic Countries with my job. Despite jetting into Oslo several times and travelling to various locations in the Country, I never really got the chance to explore as my days were filled with Airports, Offices and Taxi rides. I have always vowed to return and see more of what I felt I had been missing. Perhaps The Girl in Oslo is helping to fill the gap for me?
Head across to The Girl in Oslo to check out the blog for yourself. There’s a growing tips section for bloggers there, which I’ve learned a lot from. The Girl also has some cool friends on her space to check out too.


On the blog;

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Guest post from the Girl In Oslo.

Hi all.
Seeing as Nanne did not completely kill me earlier, and wanted a guest post.
I will post one right now.
Here comes some of my favorite images from the last couple of months, and some even older then that:)
These are all pretty random images:)

Majorstuen  - Oslo

Just a simple coffee shot.

From Frogner church!

From Frogner.

The flower "marked" at Frogner

My favorite artist : Andy Warhol

From the fountain around Aker Brygge!

Frogner Parken. 

Most of these images are shoot with iPhone 4, and the app Instagram. 

If you want more from me. 

Have a great day, and maybe she lets me do another one :)

Kiss kiss

From the Modern Womans Survival Guide.

January 18, 2012


By Michelsen Linn (a.k.a. The Girl in Oslo)
After leaving her heart in Melbourne during her travels as a 20 something, The “Girl in Oslo” returned to her homeland. Whilst she dreams of returning to the hidden laneways, culture and creativity of Melbourne, she has fully immersed herself back into life in Norway. Here she shares with us her favourite things to do and see. – Ed.
The great thing about Oslo is how very small it is compared to other capitals around the world, which means you can practically walk everywhere. But I also recommend that if you choose to visit, that you buy a subway/tram pass for the week and really do some exploring.
Over the years my lovely city has changed into a much more vibrant and pulsating place to live, than it was when I grew up 30 minutes outside the city center (the girl was born in Bærum).
Here are  few links for places I love in Oslo.
I am a huge fan of this museum when they show the Norwegian painter Odd Nerdrum and Andy Warhol.
Eger carries designer goods that you normally don’t get from other places.
Enjoy great food and coffee at Cafe Sor in an atmosphere that is really chilled with some great DJ’s.
If you want to go clubbing or listen to a free Sunday concert visit, Blaa Oslo. The vibe is great and you will meet many different people from all walks of life.
I would like to introduce everyone to a Norwegian lifestyle brand Edgebloom, owned by two somewhat young men, Joakim Sellberg and Adrian Leversby.
It’s philosophy is that one`s potential aptitude for attaining a great lifestyle is limitless, and if a person dares to think differently they can influence others. Their core values are to live sustainably in balance and simplicity.
They sell everything from shoes to sweaters for both her and him. As far as thoughts behind the designs, Joakim and Adrian describe the clothes as being simple and elegant with a deeper significance. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication says Leonardo da Vinci, and we take his word for it”.
Michelsen Linn a.k.a. The Girl in Oslo, is a 30 something girl that works with computers day, and night. She left her heart in Melbourne as a 20 something, and has been wanting to go back ever since. She is a doer and not a waiter. Lover of books and photography. She believes that everything in life depends on one thing. YOU. If you’re traveling to Norway or want to discover more about Oslo, make sure you visit the Girl In Oslo‘s blog.