Wednesday, May 23, 2012

This is what happiness means to me :)

I am back for a short stop!

What does happiness mean to you?
There are probably more variations on this topic then there are trees...

Here is my top ten :)
  1. Reading a good Book for hours upon hours and never be disturbed.
  2. Take pictures every day because you love having a great hobby
  3. Drink some wine with good friends.
  4. Visit a new country if you love travelling
  5. Lay on the beach for days...
  6. Loving yourself with all the "faults" that come along with it...
  7. Listen to your favorite song as you walk home from work!
  8. Summer is here, and finally you can wear all the gorgeous clothes in your wordrobe that you have not seen all year :)
What does happiness mean to you?