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Thursday, March 15, 2012

First impressions are everything.

Hi all:)
I just got home from dinner with a good friend lets just call her Miss S. 

We used to work together back in the day over a short period of time until she did the smart thing and choose to quit. There are many reasons why I totally respect, and love her style from the inside out. 

However the biggest difference between us is how she chooses to dress for work, and thereby ends up giving a completely different impression at work/in meetings and so one then I do. In my current position/place of work people do not dress very business like...but also they do not dress like me...
As we where having dinner I came to thinking if you want a different job or a better position you can not keep acting/dressing like you are still 16. 
If you do most likely will not be taken very seriously in the work place...and after all there will always be a different set of rules for boys then girls...

So after walking home, and thinking about it some more.
I think a few more fashion changes has to happen in order for me to get a permanent position, and thereby  be taken seriously.Or more to the point...take myself seriously...

First impressions are everything, and interviews will come up when you least expect it:)
Have a great day