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Friday, February 24, 2012

ASK Carrie an advice column - Saving your money?

Hi there.

The topic of this post came into my head after having watched Fashion shows from GUCCI the whole day. You need a hobby as you are lying in bed with the flue:). This brand has always been one of my favorites! They are crazy expensive as you might know, and the only way that I will ever be able to afford anything from them is if I start saving up.
The truth is I have never been really good at it, and everything that comes in goes out even faster. 
However this year my savings account is slowly but surely getting bigger, and I have decided that I will not beat myself up if the amount does not grow as fast as I really want it to... it just has to grow:)
There are some things in life that are much more fun to buy if you have been looking forward to it for a while. You know those once in a life time shoes, that suit you have been eyeing for year, but could never really afford. My advice is save as much/little as you can and one day it will be yours...
 The thing is this if you decide on something else then what you originally intended at least you can be proud of yourself for not giving up. 

This is some of the things I am saving up for. 
A Balenciaga
And some GUCCI pants - I love their pants. 

And no I will never charge on a credit card:) if you don´t have the money don´t use it...

Have a great day...

drawing comes from Sophie Griotto