Wednesday, August 17, 2011

PART 23 - BLOGGING - Blogging : Personal sites versus non personal sites.

Personal sites versus non personal sites:

There are a few blogs out there that I read on a regular basis, and for some reason they are all filled with very personal info like the theblondesalad - on a boat trip.Information and pictures that I would have a hard time sharing if I started to really think about the consequences. For instant anyone can download as much of your content as they want, and you loose control over every piece of information on that one post. The person downloading can then use that photo/writing for anything they want…and you can end up on a porn site….That would never be my idea of fun…
However when you do look at these really personal sites they have a few points in common that makes me rethink the whole idea of a non personal site.
Here comes a few points these bloggers have really understood.
Your site gets:
-       More or less instant fame
-       Many more followers then non personal sites
-       A lot more hits, and better Google ranking
-       Many reactions from readers, and overall a lot more activity,
-       More business coming the bloggers way, and faster.
-       Many more opportunities

What do you think?

Love from the girl…

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

PART 22 - BLOGGING - Want to be a better blogger?

Hi all.
So as a way of getting better at this blogging thing I am constantly on the lookout for new content,fresh ideas, and just more advice on how I can "Step my game up".

In an effort to get better I am relaunching my course on blogging.
This time the series will run for a long time, and I will write all the content myself.

If you wish to contribute or have fantastic ideas that you want to share to my audience?
Feel free to let me know in the comment section, a link up that I will provide every time or through my email:

Have a great day.
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