Charlotte Thorstvedt is a Norwegian DJ and resident/booking manager of the respected underground house & techno venue The Villa in Oslo Norway. She has been an integral part of building the club up to its current reputable status due to a consisting run of cutting edge bookings. The Villa has been voted by DJ mag, Pulse Radio, Resident Advisor, and The Guardian to be amongst the top clubs in the world.

Her DJing has brought her all over the world to clubs and festivals in places like Berlin, London, Amsterdam, Ibiza, Mexico, Rio, and LA. Recent gigs have sent her to a wide range of places; from legendary institutions like The Electric Pickle in Miami to bunker raves in Romania.

Her eclectic DJ style, which blends the old with the new, minimal techno with forgotten house gems, has garnered her much attention. She has played alongside names like Guy Gerber, Lake People, Shaun Reeves, Konrad Black, Ivan Smagghe and many more. She has been featured in podcast series’ such as Deep House Amsterdam, Pulse Radio, and Apotek, amongst others.

In 2012 she released her debut album "Salome". Tracing back her career, Charlotte was an MTV VJ for 3 years, presenting shows like MTV News and Spanking New, as well as the pan European program Euro Top 20. Fun fact: She has a masters degree in anthropology.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The light.

On my walk through Forgnerparken only an hour ago!
Have a great evening everyone.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Through a bus window..

Hi everyone!
Have a great Monday all, and this week will be interesting for me as well.
I have been following a "course" online in: "How to write for web"..
Thought some tips might be interesting for you all as well...
It will be small tips that we all can work on...and that hopefully will help our individual blogs grow more...MORE over time...
Just have to find out were to start first...
Hope this is of interest!

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

The ups, and downs of temping in Norway!

A hot coffee with a resume that needed a ton of work!

Hi everyone!
First and foremost...hope you all like the new direction this blog is taking?
I am really enjoying writing more:)

So I have said in an earlier post that my time the last couple of days have been spent working on my resume...or CV as we say in Norway (it is short for the latin word Curriclum Vitae)
As you go through the life you once had revisiting old employers, and places were you have left something behind...A piece of yourself..
I got to thinking that changing location, places, people sometimes can be really good.
It builds character! Not only do you learn something new about yourself in each place, but you also learn what NOT to do...and the type of jobs you will never have again...
On the other hand the best thing is that you learn what YOU really want!

I have been working as a temp for  a few years now..ever since the financial crises hit Norway, and compared to other countries Norway never had a real problem. The "business" that is called Norway is a filthy rich little oil nation...
People... compared to other nations we have NOTHING to scream about:)

Here is the real topic:)
However the use of temp´s are growing here everyday, and for potential employers it is a NO risk game. They don´t pay you, they don´t have to be responsible when you get the a soar throat...If something were to happen they can replace you in a heart beat.
For the temp it means more competition not only within the agency that you are assigned to.
No ...it also means that there is a  big fight going on between  different agencies in Oslo.
They fight for the best people, money, cooperations, and you are basically left to think...are they considering me...or someone else...

On the other hand..there are so many really bad, lazy people out there...
Yes I said it...so many people are lazy, and wake up in the morning ...thinking were can I hurt today?
Also working for the agency that I do the good temps really have to keep reminding their "helper" that HEY I have gotten every job that I truly wanted...Why are you sending out him/her when you can send me - QUALITY...
Sometimes reminding people of your worth is not a bad thing...
And in the world of temping you have to fight for the best jobs, the best money, and the longest periods you are employed...(if anyone has a better word for periods let me know)
It is not a game for the scared..
This is the part of the "game" that I LOVE...I  have never been a scared a little girl...and love beating other people for jobs...simply by doing a kick ass interview...
Giving a good interview is a real art.
1. Be prepared
2. Check the company online before you go
3. Ask the agency you work for to find out everything, and anything about the company for you. Although they might be badly prepared...make sure YOU are NOT:)
Because it is not about THEM being nice,and giving you work.
It is about YOU...how much do you really want the job?
I have been lazy at times...
But this time...You are looking at a really well prepared girl...:)
I have just gotten a call, and we will see how things evolve from the start of next week!

Have a great day everyone!
Image taken from: thesnailandtheteacup.
Hope you will not kill me for sharing it again?:)
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Sunday, February 06, 2011

New Social Media!

I just finished watching this preview for the 1000 time, and then something hit me.

Back when "New Social Media" tools first hit our lives (blogging/Facebook/Twitter-and I know that their are many more)did the owners developers have any idea how it would explode or how you/me would choose to use it?
Or was that the interesting part....they had no idea how it would change the lives of you and me!So they continue to work on their business, and then all of a sudden the big Tipping Point happens, and the world ...or how we choose to see it is changed forever...
People are no longer happy to sit back in their lounge chair, and get everything served on a platter by a bunch of developers (as far as information goes).
They want the information they find online to be a part of them.
They want to contribute themselves,and what better way to make your voice heard then through blogging ++, and that´ s why I think the age we live in...is soo interesting...because we have no idea were this will get us!

Personally I have always been a big fan of an Australian fashion blogger called ladymelbourne....
There are many reasons why this girl is a unique/intelligent woman, and I don´t have time to explain everything because it is beside the point!
However she has something she calls "Happy Friday Video Blog"....and in one of those videos (She is wearing a grey number) she makes a very valid point.

She says something like "blogging is a unique platform to make your own voice heard".
And I guess that is the reason why so many people out there are choosing New Social Media tools to help their own individual thoughts/business plans/hobby´s heard.
Because you never know who (please help me with spelling) might be reading, and therefor you don´t know what great chances or opportunities can come your way.
THAT makes using "Social Media" worth it.
Because if you don´t showcase your talents..no one including the people around you will have any idea what you can really do.. or what your real talents are for that matter.
And that is one of the many reasons why I think that "New Social Media" has become what it is today,and why it will continue to grow...
Because as long as you, and me see the benefits we will continue to push the information age forward!

Have a great day, and I hope this makes sense.

Friday, February 04, 2011

Blogging 911.

Are you new to blogging?
Do you have problems setting up a blog that both looks good, and is user friendly?
If you need help with.

  • Better understand what a blog is, and how it functions.
  • Layout 
  • Colors 
  • Widgets 
  • Writing 
  • Formulate a blogging plan thats unique for you
  • Upload photos
  • Understanding New Social Media
  • Twitter 
  • Facebook
  • And why being good at these things can really help your business be a success online.
If you want more help understanding these things?
E-mail me @ : modesty1972@hotmail.com
Keep in mind I am not perfect, and I work every day on getting that much better:)

Have a great day.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

The boat.

One evening after work not so long ago.

Location: Port of Aker Brygge
I think it is a restaurant during the summer months...
Have a great day everyone...

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Comment challenge for January.

First posted Dec 30  - 2010

Here comes the monthly roundup of the comment challenge!

At least 300 posts have been commented on.
Followers of me
People that follow me
People that have just stopped by to say hi, and random readers...

I have through this whole month tried to leave good relevant comments, and not just stupid once to make my own voice heard.
You tell me if I have succeeded ...

The result of this months work.
MANY more comments...
New followers..
And more hits/readers...
Maybe others will join me for February?
Have a great day everyone.