Thursday, January 20, 2011

Carl Hefty´s - Grocery shopping in Oslo.

A while back I did a post on one of my all time favorite grocery stores in Oslo.
This weekend i returned, and therefor decided to do a repost...
So here goes..

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Hi people:)

Went grocery shopping yesterday, and since i basically have an all green diet, except for fish.
There is no way i can live without Sushi even if someone else threatened me:) (have been a vegetarian on/off for many years). 

But yes back to my shopping trip, the the main reason the "regular"/big chain food shops are not visited is this: They have no soul,and the shopping experience is not all that great...I want to feel something...and it is nice to support a family owned business instead of all the big cooperations...they have enough money already.

I reserve the right to make my own choices as a consumer....thank you very much:)

So this is why I love Carl Heftye´s store: It has personality, really good service, very good food...And you feel so welcomed from the moment you enter:)

One of the men pictured even shared a story with me, as he was calculating my bill. 
Apparently many years ago they had a man working there. and two times in a row he had forgotten to turn of the heater as he closed up for the night. The result was that two times in row ALL the chocolate in the store had melted....the reason for his forgetfulness ...he had to get home to watch Manchester play:)

I thought the story was really funny, and the man was the nicest/kindest the way i asked for permission to take these photos....

So that is my little update for the day...
Have a good day everyone:)