Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The light.

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On my walk through Forgnerparken only an hour ago!
Have a great evening everyone.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Through a bus window..

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Hi everyone!
Have a great Monday all, and this week will be interesting for me as well.
I have been following a "course" online in: "How to write for web"..
Thought some tips might be interesting for you all as well...
It will be small tips that we all can work on...and that hopefully will help our individual blogs grow more...MORE over time...
Just have to find out were to start first...
Hope this is of interest!

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The female corner -10 decisions shape your life!

  • Who you trust!
  • Who you tell your inner most secrets to.
  • The men you give your heart to.
  • If you choose to always tell the truth. 
  • If you follow your passions/dreams.
  • who you live for them or you.
  • Who you let see you when you are down in the dumps. 
  • How much work you put into being REALLY happy!
  • How kind you are towards other people...
  • And  how many of the things I just listed are YOU into?
  • Have a great day everyone!
  • Most read post this week: New Social Media

Sunday, February 6, 2011

New Social Media!

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I just finished watching this preview for the 1000 time, and then something hit me.

Back when "New Social Media" tools first hit our lives (blogging/Facebook/Twitter-and I know that their are many more)did the owners developers have any idea how it would explode or how you/me would choose to use it?
Or was that the interesting part....they had no idea how it would change the lives of you and me!So they continue to work on their business, and then all of a sudden the big Tipping Point happens, and the world ...or how we choose to see it is changed forever...
People are no longer happy to sit back in their lounge chair, and get everything served on a platter by a bunch of developers (as far as information goes).
They want the information they find online to be a part of them.
They want to contribute themselves,and what better way to make your voice heard then through blogging ++, and that´ s why I think the age we live in...is soo interesting...because we have no idea were this will get us!

Personally I have always been a big fan of an Australian fashion blogger called ladymelbourne....
There are many reasons why this girl is a unique/intelligent woman, and I don´t have time to explain everything because it is beside the point!
However she has something she calls "Happy Friday Video Blog"....and in one of those videos (She is wearing a grey number) she makes a very valid point.

She says something like "blogging is a unique platform to make your own voice heard".
And I guess that is the reason why so many people out there are choosing New Social Media tools to help their own individual thoughts/business plans/hobby´s heard.
Because you never know who (please help me with spelling) might be reading, and therefor you don´t know what great chances or opportunities can come your way.
THAT makes using "Social Media" worth it.
Because if you don´t showcase your talents..no one including the people around you will have any idea what you can really do.. or what your real talents are for that matter.
And that is one of the many reasons why I think that "New Social Media" has become what it is today,and why it will continue to grow...
Because as long as you, and me see the benefits we will continue to push the information age forward!

Have a great day, and I hope this makes sense.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday mornings

Happy morning!
Hope you all have a gorgeous morning just like me:)

We all have our very own rituals on the weekends.
I for one like to wake up around 9:oo turn on the radio, and listen to a show called "Mozart og Madonna". People call in with their wishes for songs,and they also usually give a reason/story behind the song they choose. And the best part is that we all have such different reasons why we like something. But in many cases the music moves us in so many more ways then we can ever explain, and that´s why I love music.
It can make you cry/smile/full of emotion, not to mention make you dance like a silly person for hours on end around your 40 foot square apartment in Oslo...

I have always loved music...it has always been a huge part of my life, and always will be.
So Saturday mornings is listening to gorgeous classical pieces on the radio, some Earl Grey in a cup, and later a few slices of bread for brekky.
 Today I will pick up some shoes...read a book, and prepare for next week!When I have to find a new job...I hate temping....

Alright have a great day everyone:)

And I would be delighted if you told me what your loves are for the weekend!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Blogging 911.

Are you new to blogging?
Do you have problems setting up a blog that both looks good, and is user friendly?
If you need help with.

  • Better understand what a blog is, and how it functions.
  • Layout 
  • Colors 
  • Widgets 
  • Writing 
  • Formulate a blogging plan thats unique for you
  • Upload photos
  • Understanding New Social Media
  • Twitter 
  • Facebook
  • And why being good at these things can really help your business be a success online.
If you want more help understanding these things?
E-mail me @ : modesty1972@hotmail.com
Keep in mind I am not perfect, and I work every day on getting that much better:)

Have a great day.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Something is happening...

Can someone please tell me why 400 people have visited my blog today?????
Did some research online, and my google ranking for the post "are you a big blogger" as gone to number one...
Now a lot more makes sense..

So much fun:)


Are you a "big" blogger?

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I am still at SJAKK MATT...
Waiting for my best girl...

In the beginning of my blogging "career" I used to look up to the big bloggers at that
time,and think...
"I wish that many people would follow/read/comment on my work"..
However the thing you never see these bloggers do is the real work, and by that I mean...
All the countless hours trotting the pavement in search for that perfect picture/story or something else that is worth spreading...
We all have such different takes on blogging/social media, and networking...
Some people do it only as a hobby, and then some people work every day on getting better!
Take more quality photos,and overall be taken seriously.
I have always thought that the work you put into something is usually the amount you get out. And that is why the idea of having my own business is so appealing to me.
When I love working hard it has to be for myself...so that I can reap the benefits...)
You know what I am saying?

Like I said in my guest post for Michelle; in the beginning my work/blog was all over the place, and the funny thing is the more sharpened my idea becomes..the more work follows...
The reason is of course...(this is only my head over -thinking) that you want as much of the blog to be your work, you don´t want to feel like you are ripping anyone off...

Now I know that my blog is largely based around other peoples work.
I am so not a musician or a published author...PLEASE:)
The only thing I really do myself is the writing, and pictures.
It keeps growing every day.

We all think so differently when it comes to blogging, and I would be really interested in hearing your thoughts on the matter....
Did you go into this for the followers/hits/comments...to be big...or why???

Have a great day!

The boat.

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One evening after work not so long ago.

Location: Port of Aker Brygge
I think it is a restaurant during the summer months...
Have a great day everyone...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The female corner - Big dreams.

Ever had that problem?

The worst thing about being a somewhat young female with large dreams/goals.
Is that your brain never gets to just chill out,and take a breather...
You always have to be, or at least feel like... you are one step ahead of the game.
You always have to step your game up, and get THAT much better at what you do...
Because if not you will loose the race...whatever race this is???You tell me???

That is basically my thinking towards large parts of my life..work, the board I am on, the blogging-anything else that I choose to sink my teeth into...

I am, and have always been a thinker to say the least...
My brain works in one way...it thinks...think so more, and then rethink everything again...
It is an ongoing war to always beat the people around me on the professional level, and it is a contestant contest in my head to prove that I am better then they are...
And when I screw up..I can not let it go until a solution has been found...so that the mistake will never be made again...
I hate making mistakes!
I hate feeling that other people are better at something then I am...

I am a girl that loves to wrap up my thinking with a plan, and then move on.
That is why my brain is under constant pressure to always do that much better...

Plus this girl is not patient for a million dollars...everything I want aught to have happened three years ago, and the funny thing is...If it had..I would not have been ready for it...

Now you might think that my way of thinking only applies to the things listed above.
However fact is...I have always been this way..
I guess the right term for my condition would be "the good girl" syndrome.

Ladies do you know what I am talking about?

Now on another note..she (me:))has since her early twenties dreamed of owning her own business, but never understood how.
Until her 30 birthday rolled around, and started blogging.
Making her own visions/dreams heard.
From then I have never looked back, and the reason I drive myself so hard at the moment is that I have given myself ca 2-3 years to try to make something happen.
To see were this dream can lead me.
Now the promise to myself is this...If real results have not shown up by that time.
This blogg, and my "owning my own business" idea will be history...

Now if there is one thing I have understood is that NOT even Facebook was built in a day!
So I am keeping that in mind:)

Thanks for letting me share.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Comment challenge for January.

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First posted Dec 30  - 2010

Here comes the monthly roundup of the comment challenge!

At least 300 posts have been commented on.
Followers of me
People that follow me
People that have just stopped by to say hi, and random readers...

I have through this whole month tried to leave good relevant comments, and not just stupid once to make my own voice heard.
You tell me if I have succeeded ...

The result of this months work.
MANY more comments...
New followers..
And more hits/readers...
Maybe others will join me for February?
Have a great day everyone.