Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Hi everyone.


It has been some time since this post series (some weeks a least )and to tell you the truth I find it harder and harder to come up with new things to be grateful about! It is a bit sad,but still the truth.

Today's topic:

So today I thought I would simply focus on the fact that I have a great life at the moment. I am loving that my and my fiancee have started to plan our wedding /honeymoon,and that I am loving my job. Where I live,and that I am overall in such a great place right now life wise that I have nothing to complain about.

What are you grateful about ?
Kiss kiss

Sunday, June 28, 2015



Hi all :)

Sunday yet again ,and this time the feeling is a bit weird at the moment.I wrote about a little in my last post ...if you read it?

I am in Oslo at the moment preparing my apartment for being rented out in the next six months (sorry if that sentence was awful )and it feels kinda weird. I have had this apartment for almost five years now ,and I have lived there mostly alone for as many years. I have gone through some good times,and some bad times. All along the way this has been my safe heaven and the one place I could run to for comfort,and some love...that will now change :)

We all have to move on with life,and try new things,and I do want this in every way possible.
**I do want this change ...specially all the awesome things me and my man have planned in the years to come..I have so many things to look forward to,and yet this new phase feels a bit scary :)but as one person said (I do not know who )you should always try the things you are most afraid of,and do it anyway :)

So the next almost six months will be different then the six months that just passed ...but different does not mean wrong ...

Have a great day