Saturday, February 28, 2015

A rose from a pretty boy



Here comes todays inspiration from a girl on a couch somewhere in Norway. 
I went to a photo course once upon a time, and during that class there was a few things i picked up.

These are some of these tips..

published a post on this topic a long time ago, and thought it was about time i shared a few tips again. 


      Don’t add to much noise to a picture when you take them. Simple is the key.
Use colors wisely – don’t clutter up the image with orange/ red, and then maybe some blue.
No shame in putting all your photos through Photoshop before you publish. They might even look better when you are done.If you know how to use Photoshop in the right way that is...
If you want to use color, and play with them…why not match them up…(red dress/red background on a wall)
Think about the angle you shoot from – from a distance or up close and personal.
Focus on details, if that is what you are trying to get.
If a person has fantastic eyes – focus on that.
No shame in cropping photos to cut out unwanted details.
Think about the rule of third – when planning a photo.
Think about the contrasts in a picture when it comes to use of color.
Space around details you would really like people to see  - can be used in a good way!
Create a story with your images.
Make a story/create a series of pictures on one topic/color if that is your thing.
Use the natural light  - early in the morning or late at night!
Use warm light/ cold light – and play with it.
Attend a photo course to really learn how your camera works!
Don’t use auto on your camera just because it is the easiest way!

This is my challenge to you.
Go out, and explore your camera to the fullest

Thursday, February 26, 2015





Whatever field you choose to work in, dressing putting on the right make - up for the job you have or want can be quite a challenge. In many cases I see girls either wearing to much make- up or nothing at all. You can be feminine, and not look like you have dived head first into drawer, and shook your head around. 

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I have through the years shown different make - up looks on the blog, and it has been everything from easy looks to more complicated once. All these looks have been shown as a way of giving tips to what you as a female can do to look a bit fresh when you are standing in front of the mirror in the morning. The fact is that being better at something takes practice, and does not come right away. 


So today´s topic will cover a few tips I have picked up from watching YouTubers: 

Disclaimer: I know these girls probably wear more make - up then most of us. But maybe you can learn something. 

Have a great day