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Monday, September 1, 2014

Part 12 - 28 days to build a better blog is today - Why i changed direction, and why i am continuing on that corse...


Hi all. 

Having an editorial calendar for my blog has really helped with the posts planning. So i am therefor sticking to it, and updating along the way. See my top pages bar, and you can see what i have planned into future...


Since the beginning of my blog i have never been a hundred present happy with layout, template, or colors. This girl have always wanted to learn HTML/CSS code so that my site could be improved over time. Learning code is a long process, and not something you do over night..
That is why some days i ago i got some help from a friend, and as i am writing this she is working on a new blog template for me. My site will get a complete overhaul, and look more modern then i could ever manage. 

This site has been everything from a newby trying to find her way from knowing nothing... to a blogger with a bit more knowledge/experience.It is after all when you know better you manage to do better even on a blog. However i am not still learning every day, and so my blog is always changing in one way or another. Changes has to to with topic for posts, layout, colors, and so one. That`s so fun about blogging..your site changes with you.

I made an editorial calendar some weeks ago, and i got the idea from Problogger. The calendar helped me get back on track, and plan my site more so to make it easier for my readers to follow. After all you do not post for yourself write a blog for others in the hopes that someone will read.

Planning can be the one thing that changes your blog from being a little flimsy project to something of substance. So that is why i am continuing on this corse, and finding my way as i go…

Have any questions ? Leave a comment…


Sunday, August 31, 2014

Part 11 - 28 days to build a better blog is today - Layout - what, and what not to do (colors, background, and so one)


So back with yet another tip, and this time on layout, colors, widgets, background and so one.


Always remember that your site is made to reach as many people as possible so do not go to overboard with the colors on your background, and fonts. Make it simple, and use a lot of white so that the colors does not take away from the message you are trying to come across with on your site.

If you want to use colors find a "quiet" color combination, and work that around your site. Let it be apart of your headings, pages, bottom of the posts, framing for photos and so one. However make it a quiet theme.


Do not use to many widgets (world clocks, podcasts with automatic music playing, automatic photos showing and so one ) , as it can become to many ...become more of a problem for your readers then something positive for your blog. Only use widgets that add to your site, and not something that takes away.

These are some of my tips for today.
Have a great day. 

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Part 10 - 28 days to build a better blog is today - What i have learned about blogging since the start part 2.



Hi all. 
Back again,and yet another blogging tip. 
This time it will be what i have learned since the start, and it is a few things. 
  •  I have learned that changing layouts every week is a BAD thing..your readers will not recognize your page in the end. And as a result you can end up losing readers. I am guilty of this more then once..
  • You have to comment on other sites in order to get noticed, and leave comments that actually mean something instead off the old FOLLOW ME AND I WILL FOLLOW YOU..I HATE THAT.
  • Provide actual quality content,and your readers will come.
  • It takes time to build a good quality blog, and so do not think it will happen over night.
  • Taking good photography takes time, and you will have to learn photo editing programs as you go. 
  • Understanding social media, and how you best can use it to your advantage takes time to learn.
  • A blog without to many colors, and preferably an all white background is much preferred. Let your content speak for itself. 
  • When someone leaves a comment on your blog be sure to say thanks to that reader for taking time out of their day to come visit your site. 
  • Learn how to write for web by reading other sites, and watching videos. 
  • Teach yourself some HTML/CSS code as it can take you along way. 
  • Do not be afraid to ask for help if you are stuck. 
  • Watch other bloggers, and how they do things…you might understand a bit more…
That is all for today. 
Kiss kiss

Friday, August 29, 2014

Part 9 - 28 days to build a better blog is today - What i have learned about blogging since the start.


Hi all. 
I have been blogging since around 2009, and my blog have gone through a lot of changes since then. It will be changing even more in the near future as i will be moving from blogger to Wordpress, and my site will have an entirely new layout…

Layout to the side there are a few things i have learned along the ride that i would like to share with all of you.

Blogging to me at least is NOT about how many ads you have on your site or how much money you might earn. Earning money on your blog is great do not get me wrong (i have mad respect for the girls out there building there successful businesses of blogging ) but putting up the best quality content you can is what it is all about.At least in my book. I have struggled with this over the years since producing quality all the time takes time, and real effort. Good quality blogs do not come in hundreds, and lets face it there are more bad blogs on the internet then there well ever be well written once. So the best sites takes time to find, and getting your blog to the next level takes a lot of practice.

Having enough time in a busy schedule that is life takes more effort then you might think when starting up. Not only do you need well written articles but also great photography, and learning to take nice photographs is well worth the time. Crisp, quality images can in itself take your webpage to a whole new level...

So do not be afraid to start a blog one way, and change it over time as you start learning more about what you want..every project has the tendency to go a bit in its own direction. Just try and stay somewhat on the same path throughout so to not confuse your readers completely. 

Try an have some key topics that you write about from time to time so that the people wanting to read those posts do not feel entirely left out. In the end it is your blog, but having a bit of a red tread to the content you publish can be smart.

If you have any tips leave them in the comments or write me an e-mail:

Kiss kiss

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Part 8 - 28 days to build a better blog is today - Share the limelight with others


There are so many fantastic bloggers doing amazing work out there, and i often end up reading the same once over an over again. Therefor sometimes it can be good to share the limelight with others as often as you can.
There are several ways of doing the last thing; it can either be with a guest post or it can be featuring the blogger you like on your page for a month (like i have done in the bottom half of this page). Another way can be to write the person you admire, and have them write a piece/answer some questions a mini interview if you like, and hit the publish button.

Sharing the limelight with others may very well lead to more exposure, and even a guest post in return.
So goo out there and be kind.

Have a great day