Wednesday, January 28, 2015


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We all need some extra help when blogging is concerned so if you have any tips or a topic you would like me to cover in the next post…
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Quite often on the blog through the years I have given blogging advice on topics like;
Layout, cutting the fuss, and getting back to basics, reasons why I blog and how I make things easier with the right blogging equipment. All these posts have not only helped me get better through the years, and made me more aware of how I do things. It has also helped my audience get better.

In order to get better at something we all have to practice, and it is the same way with blogging. There is only one way to get a better page, and that is practice, will, and planning. After all when you know better you do better…


So today´s topic will cover some points to think about if you want your blog to grow over time.
Blog every day - or as often as you can.
Think quality in both photos , and the written word.
Check your spelling 
Make the content you write relevant for your site.
Do not write more then ca 200 words in one paragraph 
Have a writing and photo in each post.

I have a better blogging plan this time around, and hope you like what you see.
Have a great day.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


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This is my first official letter from the”editor”, and honestly i like the idea of being an ”editor” of my blog much like the way you are for a magazine.

However turning your blog into a online ”magazine” ( as many before me have tried to do, and failed at) is probably one of the hardest things to do, and takes a lot of work. Not only with photography, but also with posts, and choosing what topics to write about. You can never really be sure that the topcis YOU in particular choose, and find interesting is the same as your audience finds interesting. That last part is true (in my opnion) for regular media as for online magazines/blogs.
If your audience ends up hating the direction you are taken there are so many other blogs out there that they will leave,and find something else to read. They will probably never come back…

I left a site (never gone back to read again) on many occasion for several reasons;

To much time passes between updates
To many photos with poor quality
To many spelling mistakes (I know…i have probably had some in my time seeing as English is NOT my first language), but instead of publishing a poorly written text  - read it over,and over again before hitting that publish button.
Bad sites/blogs come in the hundreds, but really good once you have to search for. Many times for a LONG time, and not even after searching can you be sure to find the really good know what i mean?
The sites/blogs that SCREAM QUALITY all over…

That is what i want my site to say when you visit.
This girl knows what she is doing, and it shows…

So if i choose to turn my blog into a online magazine in the future is to be seen…
Stick around for the ride if you want to knowJ

Bye L


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These are from a walk around Oslo a few summers ago....


We all exercise in a different ways, and we all like different things so you tell me how YOU like to do it.


Almost every week since the blog started many years ago there have been a post series on the blog simply called “On She Go`s”.
The idea behind it is quite simple, and will now be explained a bit further.

We all need to workout in order to stay in shape, and feel that much better in our every day life. All of us do that in different ways it can be through weight training, spinning  - class or running either on a treadmill or outside in nature.


So today a little update is coming your way for the start of 2015.

I have not been to an actual gym for a while even though i really should pump some iron...
Instead i have been taking long walks outside in the cold fresh air with my camera taking pictures, and rediscovering all the different was of shooting. 

Taking a long walk in the day when it is cold outside helps everything goo a bit easier, and you loose weight in the process.

I highly recommend it…

Have a great day.